FLC MISSION: (Then mind of Christ)

 Faith in God for the impossible - First our mission is to love the broken orphans, hopeless, and help families from different backgrounds and nations experience a new beginning through the power of the Holy Spirit. Whereby our focus, goal, words, actions and teaching should be totally devoted in helping them find salvation in our lord Jesus Christ


FLC VISION: (the mind of Christ)

We are inspired as a church to build a home for the hurting, frustrated, depressed, hopeless and provide a place where they could find and called home and family, a place where they will be accepted, encouraged, and loved by others.

We are commissioned to proclaimed the good news of Jesus Christ to the above mention including families, couples, and youths. A place to fellowship in love, peace and unity, a place to learn, taught, a place to share and loved one another ·

Our dream focus on developing our congregation and workers to a higher level of spiritual growth and maturity through the word, summits, seminaries, conferences, house cell, groups study´s,  bible class, where every member is equip,  trained to locate his or her gift in his or her work to reach communities nations and to be able to plant new community churches where gospel are preached.

Is our vision to acquired properties or facilities that could · hold · accommodate · part · God´s · work · large · enough rooms for studies like prayer room, training, counseling rooms, conference center, different offices for pastors, worship center and so on· 

I will not finish without telling you we believe that every one of this point must surely come reality because there are instructed and inspired by God Himself. Amen