Faith Life Center Mission, Vision Statement.


Faith Life Center wants to reach and support broken Families, Marriages, Relationships, Children and Parent relationships as well as divorce within and outside the group with the following: Prayer meeting, Evangelism, Street mission, Integration work, Music praise meeting, Counseling protection, Religion children training/education, Information Bible meeting, Sometime Breakfast and lunch together, Holiday program, Children meeting, Youths meeting.

Philippians 2;1-2 says, “Therefore if you have any encouragement from belonging to Christ, Any fellowship together in the Spirit? You are welcome to fellowship with us in Faith Life Center. In our community we want to help our members, family, marriages and children and they parents build good and lasting relationships. No one wants to live a lonely life, without having warm and loving relationships with others.


Faith in God for the impossible, to love the broken, orphans.  Mind of the spirit, life in the spirit, our words our actions should be totally devoted to God, teach and help all to find salvation; our goal is to bring all to experience Jesus.


  1. God inspired us “faith life church” to build a center for the broken, hurting, frustrated, depressed, and hopeless. A place where they can find family, love and encouragement, acceptance and guidance.
  2. God has commissioned us to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to families, couples, youths, to present salvation to them and help them grow in faith.
  3. To build a place where members will fellowship in love, unity and help members share one common goal “loved each other” is our goal.
  4. The dream of “faith life church” will be to continue to focus on developing members to a higher level of spiritual growth and maturity through the word, summits, seminaries, conferences, house and cell groups, bible class for all members.
  5. “Faith life center” is a place where every member is equip, trained and to help to locate the gift God has place on his life to reach families, communities, nations and plant  a new family center wherever the gospel is preached.
  6. It our dream “Faith Life Center” to acquiring a properties and facilities that could hold and accommodate the members and every part of God´s work that is large enough for bible studies and prayer room, family and marriage training center, counseling room,  different sections for training pastors, a place for worship and a guarding place for (youths) the young people.
  7. I will not finish without telling you that i believe every one of this point will come to reality, because there are God´s instructions and inspired.

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